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Time is running out to get ACDC tickets. These legendary rockers won’t be able to put on live concerts forever! You definitely don’t want to miss out on this amazing musical event. Be sure to get your tickets for the ACDC tour now so that when they stop over in your town you can see the show!

ACDC Concert Tickets

Check out the scheduled dates below to see if there are any shows in your neighborhood.

Brand New Rock or Bust Tour

The once in a lifetime rock group ACDC has just kicked off their official “Rock or Bust” world tour over in the Netherlands. This is the first time that the band has performed since there guitarist Malcolm Young was forced to retire due to poor health. Thanks to the return of drummer Chris Slade the band has been able to continue to play shows.

Chris first came back to help the band play at the Coachella music Festival and at this year’s Grammy awards show. It looks like he’s going to continue playing with the band, and we will be treated to many excellent performances from this classic rock group.

You’ll be treated to many new songs, as well as the old classic hits that all ACDC fans know and love. In some of their recent concerts they played about 20 songs during the show. You can expect to hear songs on their new album rock or bust, these are tracks like ‘play ball’, and ‘baptism by fire’. You’ll also be treated to old classics like ‘for those about to rock’ and ‘thunderstruck’.

ACDC will soon be heading back to North America. Right now they have about 13 shows scheduled. They will be playing the shows from August 22 throughout September 28. That doesn’t give you many opportunities to see their show. If there happens to be a concert in your town, make sure to get your ticket soon.

Don’t be too worried though, because since so many fans are enjoying their concerts you can be sure that more dates are going to be put on the schedule.

The musical roots of ACDC

This is a band with a very rich history. What comes as a surprise to a lot of people is that they are actually from Australia. The band was put together by Angus and Malcolm Young. They started way back in 1973, and they have played together all the way until 2014, when unfortunately Malcolm had to stop playing with ACDC due to an illness.

ACDC are one of the original heavy metal rock ‘n roll bands. Some people even credit them with being one of the bands that pioneered the genre itself.

They released their first major album in 1975 and it was called ‘High Voltage’. They underwent a few lineup changes, and released another album, but it wasn’t until they released ‘Highway to Hell’ that they really started getting some attention. It was after this success that a tragedy rocked the band. The man who helped write their songs and was the lead vocalist of the group, Bon Scott died in 1980.

The future of ACDC was wrought with uncertainty, but they decided to continue on as a group and found a new singer who helped propel the band to new heights. It was later on in that year that they put out a brand-new CD ‘Back In Black’. Thanks to their new vocalist Brian Johnson, the band found a level of success that they could only dream of. They were selling more than 10,000 albums per day thanks to their newfound stardom.

This era was the golden age of the band where they released all of the classic hits that people know and love today.

ACDC has been able to sell over 200 million CDs throughout the entire world. As far as the USA is concerned, they are in the top 10 of best-selling bands of all time.

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